Valentines Day | My changed perception

If you’re a Minimalist or just anti-Valentine’s Day, you’ve most likely boycotted the entire event. The thought of spending all that money on expensive gifts, flowers, chocolates, and restaurants probably makes you feel sick. You would’ve been saying “every day is Valentine’s day (meh)” and reminded everyone that we should be showing our partner how much we love and appreciate them daily. After all, Valentines is all about consumerism anyway – a total waste of money right?

Well, all the above used to be my truth. I’ve never celebrated Valentines Day but my Minimalism journey has changed my perception of it and what it means. You see, Minimalism is about spending on what matters and creating experiences instead of stuff. It’s about focusing time and energy on celebrating people and relationships that are priority.

Minimalism helps us to acknowledge the love that is already around us and let’s us celebrate the many versions of love that exist. It’s about discovering what you love and cutting out everything else that gets in the way. Transfer this minimalist mindset to your Valentine’s Day and it becomes that much more beautiful.

I spent my Valentine’s Day acknowledging existing love, remembering eternal love and appreciating self-love. I woke up grateful for my life, son and family. I took myself to the spa for a massage, relaxed at the hairdresser, visited the cemetery with fresh flowers and then enjoyed a workout. I focused on the important things and kept it simple. I showed gratitude. This Valentines Day, I celebrated love my way.

Now here’s why I think we should all celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s simple, love is powerful, and energy is contagious. On Valentine’s Day, love is literally in the air. We often spend days worrying about our problems and let petty concerns consume us. Some of us even dwell on the fact that we don’t have a Valentine. With so many people thinking about love on this special day, we should take advantage of the collective joy and let it shift our energy. Love has the power to pull us out of any stream of negative thinking.

Some say that Valentine’s Day is all about consumerism. This may be true, but we can choose to refocus it on love. We can still celebrate Valentine’s Day without getting caught up in consumerism. Giving is an important factor in showing someone you love and care about them. However, the act of giving itself isn’t what’s important, it’s the intention behind it.

The intention behind a gift should always add meaning and value to someone’s life. Don’t get caught up in trying to give the most expensive and latest gifts. Focus on the simple things. We can give kind words and compliments, do something nice, spend our time with someone, and be physically close to our partner. On Valentine’s Day, relationships can benefit from taking love further and deeper by immersing it in the romantic ambience.

How beautiful is it that we have day where we can focus completely on another person without expecting anything in return. From now on, I will celebrate every Valentine’s Day my own way. Rather than trying to ignore the forces of love around me like I used to, I’ll use the energy of love to enhance my life and experiences on this day. I encourage you all to do the same. On Valentine’s Day, a minimalist mindset encourages thoughtfulness with money and time spent. It’s a day to focus on each other and build on relationships.

On Valentine’s Day, we focus on love. The world can do with more love.


Una xxx


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