5 Ways Minimalism Changed My Life | Consider how it could change yours


I simply stumbled into Minimalism. I needed space to make sense of my life and figure out who I was and where I wanted to go. I had gone from being a Wife and a Mother to now a Widow and a Single Parent. I no longer had a clear sense of identity. My 5 year plan was out the window and I’d hit a brick wall. It was time to rediscover who I was. The thought of figuring out life again and on my own scared me. I needed just enough room to breathe and refocus. I hoped and prayed for relief.

My Minimalism journey began with the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. The relief I got from completing it was amazing and life changing. The constant challenge of throwing something different out each day turned into a habit. Now I find myself actively looking for things to get rid of, donate or give away – it’s simply satisfying.

What I realised whilst pursuing a life of simple living has changed everything. It changed how I value myself and even my things. This realisation gave me a new-found energy. My attitude changed, my self-worth began to spike and my dreams began to reinvent themselves as the space around me grew bigger. Minimalism has taught me that you must pour out of your life first, if you want to fill it up.

The 5 Ways Minimalism Changed My Life

1. It helps to uncover the real you

It gives you permission to be yourself with no shame or regret. It helps you shed guilt of not being good enough and to be proud in truly being enough. It teaches you that “enough” is not a neutral state – it is gratitude for what you already have.

2. It restores order to everyday living and to your soul

It helps you set priorities and fulfil them with renewed purpose. The feeling of overwhelm begins to lift and your soul is slowly restored. That version of you that was buried underneath all that stuff actually finds freedom. Freedom from comparison, expectations, negative self-talk, shame and grief. Simple living helps to release all those wounds into the healing of unconditional love.

3. It ignites passion and activates courage

You know those things that you used to love but you don’t have time, space or energy for? They will be reignited with abundance and your soul will be brought to life. Courage will replace fear and you will begin to choose a purposeful life. A life of fitting in, conformity and complacency becomes boring. It takes courage to choose differently.

4. It captures the present and sparks joy

As a parent, we feel like time is flying by much too quickly. Before we know it, our babies will be grown and gone. Minimalism helps you to enjoy precious moments with your eyes and heart, rather than with your phone. You experience pure joy with the simple things – cuddles in the morning, tickles, giggles and blow kisses at the school gate. The demands of excess steal the opportunities for moments of pure joy. Simplify and slow down.

5. It gives us greater purpose

We are meant for more than just work and surviving life. Remove one distraction and you’ll recognise 5 more. You’ll shed the excess and discover the gifts and talents you were created to share with the world. Every step towards living simple leads you to a positive state of being in which living with less becomes more than enough.

Simplify & slow down,


Una xxx


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